Simantics System Dynamics

Open Source modelling and simulating tool for Simantics.


Simantics System Dynamics

Simantics System Dynamics is a ready-to-use system dynamics modelling and simulation software application for understanding different organizations, markets and other complex systems and their dynamic behavior. Simantics System Dynamics is used for modeling and simulating large hierarchical models with multidimensional variables. The models are created in a traditional way with stock & flow diagrams and causal loop diagrams. Simulation results and the model structure can be analyzed with different visual tools


Packed with loads of features for modeling real world systems and environments


Import and Export features can be used, for example, to create different versions, create backups or to transport your modelling assets like models or modules to another database.

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Semantic Database

The Simantics platform has server-client architecture with a semantic ontology based modelling database and Eclipse framework based client software with plugin interface.

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Simantics System Dynamics is developed by VTT and Semantum. The package is provided as open source software and also it is completely free to download and use.


Modelbrowser shows the configuration of models

System dynamics model is generally understood as the model configuration. In this tool, the model contains also other components such as

Spreadsheets allow storing and maintaining values in a familiar format

Spreadsheets are an easy way to import and manage parameter values.

Experiments are the way to simulate the model

Experiments can exist with different configurations, for example different initial values for some parameters.

Modules enable structural modeling

Modules are defined just like the basic model configuration, but the module component hides the actual configuration.

Functions contains built-in and user-defined functions

Modelica provides a convenient way to use functions in your models. You can create your own functions, export and import complete function libraries and share function libraries to be used in all of your models.

Charts are user-defined displays of simulation result data

Charts can be used and re-used in various places. The four types of custom charts (line, sensitivity, bar, and pie charts) provide model developers means for examining and developing their models and communicating the simulation results to others.

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Diagram Editor displays current diagram

Diagram is the area where you will graphically modify your model. Diagrams are built from elements that can be dragged from Symbols view or populated using shortcut keys.

Symbol Library create new elements

Symbols view (on the left) is used for dragging elements to diagrams.

Solvers choose which solver to use

Simantics System Dynamics allows the use of several alternative solvers provided by OpenModelica, e.g.

  • Euler
  • Runge-Kutta

OpenModelica is currently the main simulation environment behind the tool and all functionalities are supported with OpenModelica.

Alternatively to OpenModelica, an internal custom Modelica solver is included in Simantics System Dynamics. The custom solver is currently at an experimental state, and thus all functionalities of the tool are not yet supported, e.g., only the basic experiment can be run with it. The advantage of the custom solver is, however, that simulation is usually a lot faster than with OpenModelica. Try out yourself which solver suits best for your needs.


Simantics System Dynamics version 1.35.0 is now released!

Simantics System Dynamics software updated to version 1.35.0 brings the product up-to-date with the latest Simantics versions.

Simantics System Dynamics is available for the platforms below

Simantics System Dynamics software is currently available for Windows platform. Choose the correct product and click Download.

  • Windows
  • 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2 or better CPU
  • 5GB HDD
  • 4GB RAM
  • 64-bit Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 OS
  • Free
  • Download

How to install

Three easy steps for victory

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    To install the application, download the installer for your platform.

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    Install the program to a directory without spaces (limitation inherited from OpenModelica)..

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    Execute & Learn

    Run the application through the launcher generated by the installer.

    Follow the Tutorial for BEGINNERS or for ADVANCED users.

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  • Happy simsing!

Tutorial videos

Tutorial videos demonstrating the use of Simantics System Dynamics

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Few reference images of Simantics System Dynamics at work.

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